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Public Safety

A safe airport – it’s in all of our hands

Keeping your international airport safe and secure every day is what drives everything we do at Edmonton International Airport (EIA) – from the moment you check in to the moment you board. Inside the terminal, outside in parking or on the grounds – we want everyone to be and feel safe.

Ensuring everyone is safe at EIA is a goal everyone shares. As a passenger, your actions are just as important as how we at EIA are trained to work safely for you and for each other.

You can help:

  • Be aware of yourself in relation to others
  • Move efficiently without rushing
  • Follow directions, whether from EIA staff or posted signs
  • Respect others (passengers and employees)
  • If you notice anything that could be unsafe – whether it’s a spill on a floor or a piece of luggage left unattended – tell an EIA employee immediately.

Together, we will continue making EIA a safe airport every day. 

A message from the EIA Public Safety Program.


Public Safety Contact Information

Phone: 780 890 8999