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Coming Back to Canada

Information courtesy of Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA)

What can I bring back in to Canada?

When you return to Canada, duties and taxes are applicable on all purchases unless you qualify for a personal exemption.  Personal exemptions allow you to bring goods of a certain value into the country without paying the regular duties. If you have been outside Canada for:

  • 24 hours or more, you can bring in CAN$200 worth of goods free of duty and tax; If the goods you bring in are worth more than CAN$200 in total, you cannot claim this exemption. Instead you have to pay full applicable duties and taxes on all goods you bring in.
  • 48 hours or more, you can bring in CAN$800 worth of goods free of duty and tax;
  • 7 days or more, you can bring in CAN$800 worth of goods free of duty and tax. Goods may be in your possession at time of entry to Canada but are also permitted to follow entry to Canada (via courier, mail or delivery agency).

For more information please contact Border Information Service at 1 800 461 9999


What is prohibited from being brought back in to Canada?

There are some products that are prohibited in Canada and subject to being detained at the Canadian border. Others may need to meet Canadian safety requirements in order to be allowed into Canada. Please see a list of a few products that may be subject to being detained at the Canadian Border below:

  • Baby walkers;
  • Infant self-feeding devices - structural devices to position feeding bottles, which allow babies to feed themselves while unattended;
  • Yoyo balls - pose a risk of strangulation;
  • Balloon blowing kits - that contain a poisonous organic solvent;
  • Re-light candles - candles that re-light spontaneously once extinguished;
  • Jequirity beans - including items containing these poisonous beans;
  • Lawn darts with elongated tips.

For more information please contact Border Information Service at 1 800 461 9999 or see the following link:


Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) manages the movement of people and goods into Canada.

Main Terminal Location

Their office is located on the southern end of Arrivals Level 1 in the vicinity of door 10. All passengers arriving from a foreign destinations can be met at Arrivals area “E”. CBSA’s office is open 24 hours a day and front counter service is available outside of flight clearance operations.

If you will be arriving in to Edmonton International Airport (EIA) from an international city you will proceed through the Canada Arrivals Hall and go through CBSA’s clearance process. During the clearance process a CBSA officer will ask you some questions (typically regarding immigration status and the goods that you may be importing). Normally, you will have completed a CBSA Declaration Card (Form E311) prior to your flight landing; however, additional questions may be asked by the officer.

Canada Border Services Agency Passenger Operations:

1357A, 1000 Airport Road
Edmonton International Airport
Edmonton, AB  T9E 0V3

Canada Border Services Agency Commercial Operations:

100 1727-35 Avenue East
Edmonton International Airport
Edmonton, AB  T9E 0V6

General Information:

Call :1.800.461.9999

Immigration Information:

Call :1.888.242.2100

Surrounding Area Map including the new location of the Canada Customs Commercial Operations Office